Hello and welcome!

I am a digital artist with a B.S. in digital media. What’s that, you ask? Digital media is a broad field which encompasses many forms of art, entertainment, and communication that occur in today’s digitized world. As such, I have a working knowledge of skills that range from web design and illustration to programming and audio production. However, my focus lies in 3D art and interactivity.

Because of my varied skill set, I’ve been lucky enough in the past to be able to experience being a part of a wide variety of industries, from financial planning and video games to aerospace and defense. I’ve put my passion to work creating things from product beauty renders for marketing materials to computer based training programs for the marines.

And while others may see their job as something that they stop thinking about once the clock strikes five, I truly find all components of the rapidly progressing digital industry to be fascinating. I continue to learn and experiment purely for the fun of it, with things like 3D printing and indie game development. Take a look at my portfolio if you’d like to see for yourself!